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How to Contact ArtisanBilt Custom Closets & Cabinetry

Quality and Dependability on Every Custom Closet We Manufacture and Install

Hello, my name is Ken Rodgers and I own ArtisanBilt Closets and Cabinetry.

I started my company with this goal: deliver outstanding personal service and exceptional quality rather than trying to become the biggest custom closet company in the Florida Panhandle.

We are a true custom closet company. We are not a franchise. We don’t have to “make” a standard corporate design or style fit your space.

Here are just some of the reasons why our customers enthusiastically recommend us to their friends, family and business associates:

  • I personally design each custom closet and we have successfully completed over 400 custom closet installations. When you hire my company you can be assured that I will use all of my 15 years of experience to evaluate, measure and design your custom closet to meet your unique storage needs and preferences. I am not forced to use cookie cutter or standard corporate designs.
  • We manufacture each custom closet at our 10,000 sq. ft. custom cabinet and woodworking facility to ensure quality, on time delivery and proper fit and finish. This provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors that don’t have a dedicated facility and are subject to the whims and capabilities of manufacturers.

    In the event that we need to change or adjust something, we can easily produce a new part, usually the same day. Our competitors will often have to wait weeks for replacement parts or the installer will be forced to “make it work” on the job.
  • We offer a Lifetime Warranty. We are confident that our manufacturing and installation process is worthy of a lifetime warranty. We want our customers to know that their closet will still be looking good years after the last piece is in place.
  • We only use employees. I want you to know that you will have a knowledgeable, well trained, quality installation crew that knows what they’re doing.

    Many companies use sub-contractors or even day laborers to make more money at the customer’s expense. I sure wouldn’t want those folks in my house and I wouldn’t think you would either.
  • I will only recommend accessories that fit your space and use preferences. We would rather tell you not to put something in than to sell you something that really won’t be that convenient or used that often. We provide: valet rods, sliding belt racks, sliding tie racks, jewelry trays, acrylic shelf dividers, hampers, pull-out ironing boards, pull-down upper clothing rods and many other accessories.
  • And that is just the beginning of my story.

Whether you want to organize your: walk-in closet, reach-in closet, bedroom, pantry, office or garage storage it is my goal to bring ingenuity and quality to your project.

Your closet should make your life easier by helping you easily store and access all of your clothes and other household items for a lifetime.

I understand that finding a custom closet company can be stressful.

It will be even worse if you don’t get the quality you expected because every day you use your closet you will be reminded of your decision.

I invite you to explore my website so you can learn:

I appreciate this opportunity to earn your business. I realize what it takes to get your business, what it takes to give you the results you demand and what needs to be done to eliminate many of the headaches and frustrations people have with custom closet projects.

I welcome the opportunity to provide you with the ArtisanBilt Advantage. Please call me at (850) 226-2001 to set up an appointment.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.


Ken Rodgers