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About ArtisanBilt Custom Closets and Cabinetry

Quality and Dependability on Every Custom Closet We Manufacture and Install

My name is Ken Rodgers and I started my company with one primary goal: deliver outstanding personal service and exceptional quality. Becoming the biggest custom closet company on the Emerald Coast is not one of my long term goals.

I am a fan of quality, craftsmanship, and ingenuity and that is why I set up my 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

My facility ensures that we will meet the quality standards that I have set and it also eliminates one of the biggest issues in the industry – delays in manufacturing.

  • Closet measurements are a challenge. If the measurements are not perfect the manufactured materials won’t fit properly and the installer will be forced to “make it work” on the job.
  • Because we manufacture your closet materials we understand how to measure and can provide a better fit and finish for your closet. In the event something does need to be changed or adjusted then we can easily produce a new part usually the same day.
  • This eliminates the delays other companies routinely face because they don’t have a dedicated manufacturing and woodworking facility.

Manufacturing and installing custom closets and closet organizers is our primary business.

Some of our competitors install closets part time or as a sideline. It is virtually impossible to maintain a high level of quality on installation if you do this part time.

At ArtisanBilt, we want you to be happy long after the last piece is installed and to back that up we offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

I guess you could call me “old school” even though I am still pretty young.

Whether you want to organize your: walk-in closet, reach-in closet, bedroom, pantry, office or garage storage it is my goal to bring ingenuity and quality to your project.

Your closet should make your life easier by helping you easily store and access all of your clothes and other household items for a lifetime.

When you have finally had enough of the clutter and you want to be able to easily reach and find all of “your stuff”, you want to hire a contractor who will do what they promise.

I recommend that you start by using the questions on our How to Hire a Professional Custom Closet Company page. Every quality company will be willing to provide their answers in writing.

Companies that are not willing to commit in writing or that seem hesitant should be crossed off of your list. One thing I have learned in my 15 years in construction is this – if a company isn’t willing to commit what they will do in writing then they aren’t someone I will hire.

We will be happy to provide our written answers during our first meeting.

Please spend some time reading the questions and answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

I appreciate this opportunity to earn your business and your trust.

Many of my clients have asked us to do additional closets for them and I would love to add you to our list of happy clients.

Please call me at (850) 226-2001 to schedule your initial meeting.