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Many homeowners end up being disappointed with their new custom closet.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The information on this page is designed to help you avoid hiring a contractor that will leave you wishing you had done a little more homework before hiring especially if you got a “fantastic price”.

Many people believe that calling references is a waste of time because “no one will provide a bad reference.” There is some truth to that. However, if you do make the calls some folks will give an “okay” or “lukewarm” reference.

These are signs that the contractor probably does a reasonable job but most people want much more than that.

Whether you want to organize your: walk-in closet, reach-in closet, bedroom, pantry, office or garage storage you can eliminate the companies that will leave you disappointed if you spend a few extra minutes checking everyone out.

Basic questions you may want to ask to get comfortable that the custom closet company will deliver what they promise:

  • Did they start on the date they promised?
  • Did they complete in one day or in the number of days promised
  • Did they clean up your home to your satisfaction?
  • Was the amount you paid what you were quoted?
  • Were there any problems with their services…and how did they handle them?
  • Were they always polite and courteous to everyone in your home?
  • Have you recommended them to anyone else?
  • Why did you hire them in the first place?


Naturally you should ask any other questions that are important to you to this basic list.

We hope this Reference Guide helps you get the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to hiring and working with a professional custom closet company in the Florida panhandle.

I am providing this information as a service so you can make the best decision possible.

I hope that you find this useful in your search and I trust that you will be very satisfied with the answers you receive when you contact my clients.

Please take the time to review all of the information on our website so you can make the best decision in choosing a custom closet company to solve your storage solutions.

I appreciate this opportunity to earn your business and your trust.

Many of my clients have asked us to do additional closets for them and I would love to add you to our list of happy clients.

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