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Sometimes you just don’t have room inside your room for cabinetry — so we’ll build it into your walls or in a ‘nook’ area of your home or office. ArtisanBilt not only provides an outstanding custom cabinet service, we also hold a Florida contractor’s license that allow us to remodel your space to help with modernization and organization. Our built-in solutions typically do not require much remodel support, but it’s there if you need and want it.

We’re here to help provide built-in organization solutions as part of your overall project with a complimentary design that has your needs and budget in mind. You’ll like our design solutions, our locally custom manufactured cabinets and our conscientious staff. You’ll not only enjoy working with ArtisanBilt during the design / build process, but once your closet project has been completed, you’ll not only have a space that makes life easier and more enjoyable, but the peace of mind that it comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

You can’t go wrong – you just need to get started. Give us a call at 850.226.2001 or send us an email.